Sep 21, 2008

In A Blink It's Over. . .

Summer is over. The days are getting shorter. The nights are cold; the days crisp and clear. It's hard to believe that summer is gone. Wasn't it only yesterday I was waiting for it to warm up? We've had so many great times this summer! So many memories!

I know looking at someone else's photo album isn't always the most interesting thing, but indulge me as I share some of the people and places I love the most. . .

Sep 3, 2008

Eugene, Oregon

Greetings from Eugene, Oregon! I'm on a fire assignment on the Willamette (WilLAMette) National Forest. It's so beautiful and so green! The streets are all one way and then you have to watch out for all the people on bicycles.

The building we're working out of is the Federal Building in Eugene. It's a 5 story highrise in the middle of downtown. It's kind of strange trying to run a fire out of the city. I guess it happens all the time, but this is a first time for me. They don't have stake sides or anything like that to get the supplies to the fire. Just different. The FBI is in the building we work out of too. They have preferential parking in the back of this secure building. You have to have a card to get almost everywhere. The only window in our room faces the FBI parking. We were working away one morning, when there they all went, strapping on guns, bullet proof vests...the whole thing...we've only seen them ever bring one guy in cuffs. Yep, there I was takin pictures of it all. Little country girl anway!

The convenience stores have 4 choices in fountain soda and they don't have a squirt of cherry to go into the concoction that I can put together. I can't find caffeine free diet anything in this city, even in a bottle.

Eugene is the home of the University of Oregon Ducks. You can't find a motel room in this city when they have a home game, and especially when it's the home season opener against their arch rival the Washington State Huskies. These people take their football seriously, and it's a party atmosphere for 2 days before the game. They have a duck for everything. I came out of the motel the morning after the big win and this was the dashboard of the car parked next to me. Sorry the pictures are blurry.

I was out walking today and the train came THOSE are trees!

Also pictures of the Willamette River.

It's skin loves the humidity...but I'm ready to come home. I love the beautiful fall days in Lyman. I have a date with the greatest fishing buddy ever to spend a few days on Lake Powell. We have a new grandson due in a couple of weeks. I am so excited to meet him! And more great news...Marcie and Jeremy are expecting #3 in February and Steve and Courtney #2 in May. Here we grow again!!

I am so blessed....