Mar 22, 2009

A Glimpse of Retirement?

Last year, Mont and I purchased a toyhauler trailer house. We thought it was just the ticket for us. Load the wheelers, head on the mountain. Needless, to say, the bunk bed was not made for two older (not old!) people. I couldn't find the ladder in the night to get to the bathroom and Mont was paralyzed by the bed and couldn't get down in the mornings. We then decided the answer was to use the blow up bed after the wheelers were taken out of the hauler. When we bought a trailer, there was 2 things I wanted. A bathroom and a bed I didn't have to make every night!.

After lots of thought, we put our toyhauler up for sale, and found a great deal on a 29' "retirement" house. It's a little long, but SO comfy and easy to spend weeks at a time in.

Now let's go back in time a few years. Mont's folks used to head to Quartzsite, Arizona every January to enjoy 70 degree + temps while we were shivering here at home. The last few years that Grandpa and Grandma went down there, Grandpa's health didn't allow him to drive them down there and back. Mont and our great brother-in-law, Ken would get them there and back. The last year they went down, I went with Mont to bring them home. They were staying in a little RV park in the middle of the desert and all I could think to myself is "there is no way in hell I am ever going to do this"! Honestly, I thought the most entertainment they had was watching their underwear tumble in the dryer!

Now back to the present. The past three weeks Mont has been having decompression treatments on the disks in his back with a chiropractor in St. George. The first week he had water meetings there and then would have a treatment each night after his meetings. The second week, he took our new trailer down to his sister Polly's and her great hubby Ken and parked it in the little RV spot they have at their house in Santa Clara. I was pretty jealous that he got to go spend a week there! Last week, I joined him. We spent Monday night and Ken and Polly's and had a great time having a barbecue with them and just catching up. It has been so long since we have seen them! They are such great people and always willing to give everything they have to help someone out. On Tuesday we took our little house and went out to Sand Hollow State Park and stayed there for the next two nights. It was SO much fun and so relaxing! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and Steve brought our boat down and we spent Wednesday fishing and soaking up the sun. Suddenly, I had glimpses of me camping down in the desert of Arizona, soaking up the sun, attending the swap meet and rock show in Quartzsite and meeting some great new friends from all over the country, just like Grandpa and Grandma! And you want to know something??
I think I'm going to LOVE it!!


Julie Harward said...

That does sound good..we thought we were retired, til the economy ate up a big chunk! So Ron's getting back into the business for awhile. Life does crazy things
when we least expect it. Good luck! Your trailer sounds wonderful..have fun!

Marleen said...

Yeah, it won't happen for us for awhile, but maybe we can just have a taste of it once in awhile!