Aug 7, 2009

Where Did The Last Two Months Go?

Oh my gosh! Where did the last two months go? The last time I posted Bridger was brand new and now he's smiling at us and telling us all kinds of stories!
We have had so many fun times with our family the last two months! is what we've been up to.

April 27th Bridger Steven Chappell joined our family. He is such a blessing and joy! I love watching my son interact with him and his little daughter. He is such a good daddy!

May 2nd I ran the Hurricane 5k. My second one. Steve was so great to stay by me til I faultered on the hill. He did so great for his 1st run and only training for 2 weeks! I actually finished 2nd in my age group and it felt so great!

May 3rd: We all met in St George except for Courtney and the kids, of course, to bless our beautiful little Grayson. The weather was so beautiful and the kids had such a great time at the park. Chris is always such a sweet hostess and Chris' mom, Vicki was there also. Cody and Chris have the cutest little boys. Cody is going back to school and I am so impressed by how hard he works at all he does. He is such a good dad and he has always had such an incredible work ethic. Since he started his first job, he has never given up. Just keeps plugging away. He always does it quietly, never expecting and praise or recognition. I love you, son!
Mother's Day Weekend: Mont took me to Lake Powell fishing on Saturday. It was SO much fun and even more fun when I kick his butt while fishing!

May 25th: I accepted a 120 day detail with the Forest Service. I am working at the Richfield Interagency Fire Center with an official title of "Acting Assistant Center Manager over Operations". How's that for a mouthful? I absolutely LOVE the job! The drive over the mountain everyday isn't so fun, and gave me a new appreciation for Steve driving everyday. I have talked to people who say they love the hour of peace before they get home, but I guess I'm old enough it just wears me out! The days in dispatch during fire season can be very long. There are periods of very quiet time and then, like yesterday, we have a lightning storm go through and have fires everywhere at the sametime. CRAZY!

May 27th: MaKenna graduated from preschool. She sang ever word of every song just as perfect as can be. She knew her part word for word . I was such a proud Grandma! I just can't believe she's going to be going to Kindergarten! She is so excited!

May 29th: We went camping with Marcie and Jeremy and the kids, Cody and Aaron and Melinda and Ray. We went out on Parker Mountain and watched it rain and hail and snow. No matter what, we always have a good time! Ray was such a good sport. I don't know that camping is his thing, and sleeping in a tent with an overnight temp of 30 degrees doesn't help, but he was still smiling when he left!

June 11th: Our 33rd wedding anniversary! Gosh, I didn't think I was 33 years old yet! We spent our anniversary with Mont in Moab for training and me in Richfield at work! Happy Anniversary Mont! I love you!

June 13th Brooklyn's 3rd birthday! We went to Cedar and spent the weekend at Steve and Courtney's house. Courtney's mom is such a sweetheart. She is always so welcoming and would do anything for us. We all went to the Pizza Factory afterwards to have pizza. Now THAT was a party! LOL It was so great to have Jerrod and Staci and Ethan come and party with us. I love having them so close!

June 14th: We gathered in the orchard at Steve and Courtney's house and blessed Bridger. I was so proud of Steve. He is such a tenderheart. Such a beautiful little family. We are so grateful for them!

June 19th: We had the Pearson Family Reunion in our backyard. All of the kids were here. Crazy and fun! Grandma has a tendency to get a little wound sometimes, but I love having them here. I love watching them interact and reminding me of the closeness our family has always had. Chris had planned so many great activities for the kids and they had so much fun decorating cookies, making hats and painting shirts. My Mom's sisters, my Aunt Beth and Aunt Marge were here. They've always made sure that we've been kept close as a family; and Sheila and Greg. Kerry and Lisa and the kids, poor Lisa had been to girl's camp all week and was trashed! She's always such a good sport. Brent and Lenna and Kyler and Kimber; LeAnn; Staci, Jerrod and Ethan; Uncle Bill was here for about a week. My only regret with my Uncle Bill is that we didn't find the relationship we have now about 40 years ago. But maybe this is the way it was meant to be. We love having him here. On Sunday night after everyone had left, Uncle Bill and Mont were sitting at the table and he was teaching Mont how to tie flies. I know it sounds cheesy, but it made me quite emotional. Of course, they had to go test the new flies the next day. They remind me of the "Old Poop and Billy" in the movie On Golden Pond after they have wrecked the boat and she won't let them out of the house anymore. So they sneak out to do their fishing. Only it's and old and older man! lol They take off and go fishing and I just wait to hear about it when they get home!

June 26th: We met Marcie and Jeremy and the kids to camp at Palisade State Park for the weekend. Melsy came and stayed with us on Friday night. We went to the Mormong Miracle Pagent on Friday night. I loved seeing it. I haven't been to it for some time. The next day we walked to a little craft store that was near the campground. They sold shaved ice. Of course, we had to have one! We had had one the night before and after we had the one on Saturday, Kenna said, "Grandma, this is the best day of my life!" I asked her why? "Because I got to have a snowcone 2 days in a row!" We played we swam in freezing cold water, we ate and ate and played and had such a great time. Mont got to go fishing with his nephew, Kerry. He came back with a huge smile on his face. Funny, he's always like that after he has been with Kerry.
Back to work. Whew! No wonder I came home and took a 2 hour nap today!! Sorry this is long, but I believe this blog is more for me than anyone. I've never been too great at keeping a journal, maybe for now this will work.

4th of July I spent working. Mont came over and watched fireworks with me. It was a tough night to sleep with all the fireworks going off. That was about all the excitement for that holiday!

I just want my family to know how much I love and appreciate each one of them. I don't know what I would do without them. I know that it's always crazy when we're all together, but with 14 adults and 7 little people, it can't help but be a little nuts. It's those crazy times that create the memories that mean so much as the years go on!


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